FHFI Projects


PPES Education Society

Find out how one man, with one school, changed the lives of thousands of women in rural North India. Now, 14 years later, over 1,200 girls have enrolled in one of the poorest regions of the world. With your support, just $20 per month helps a girl achieve her full potential. Contribute $30,000 and donate a new classroom. Be a part of the solution. Find out more!

Nepal School Rebuilding Project

Nepal School Rebuilding Project

FHFI has partnered with a Kathmandu ground team just days after the devastating earthquake in April 2015. While immediate attention during a disaster of this magnitude must focus on saving lives from beneath rubble, and supplying food for the coming days, FHFI focuses on rebuilding young lives through education. A rural school can be rebuilt for $5,000. We are racing against the weather. Donate through the NEPAL REBUILDING SCHOOLS PROJECT NOW!

Road to Rights Project

The Road to Rights Project

The Road to Rights (RTR) is a Sri Lanka based non-profit (NGO) organization running in over 14 countries. Inspired by Founder and President Ashan Perera, RTR coordinates and collaborates with other groups. Together they promote human rights, effective education and Sports for Peace and Development. Artists like Pooja Umashankar and Dushyanth Weeraman join in to bring about a better world. Join FHFI in our funding of Road to Rights.

Power of 10

The Power of Ten Project

Do you want to change the world? Learn and apply your 30 Human Rights. The Power of Ten Humanitarian Project “pays it forward.” Get ten of your friends to master these rights themselves and you then achieve a Power Team status, and you are on your way to making a difference. Standard Membership is $10 per year. Power Membership, with full benefits is $10 per month.